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This page is the source for important information about the Buffy Cross & Stake boards and spoilers from me that aren't posted to the site. When there's a problem on the board, a bazoar visit, down time for the server, spoiler questions asked and answered by me, or important updates about rules or events at the board, this is *the* source to find the information. Much of it will be on the board as well, but since posts go so quickly, sometimes it's hard to get to them in time. Information will stay here as long as it applies and is current.

As always, questions of whatever kind are to be directed to:

6-22-02 -- 12:00AM PST.

I finally finished the Weekly Post Archive. Goes back a couple of months, but has the latest notes from me. I'll start posting a link in the Weekly Post so hopefully people will at least figure out that there is a website to go to in case they miss it while it's on the board.
Also, I posted a very important CLARIFIED Shipper Rules. It's incredibly important for EVERYONE to read as it's one of those things that I will not be forgiving with to regulars and active posters who break these clarified rules. If you don't read it, you get to suffer the consequences when you break the rules. So, just read 'em and avoid any complications. :)

5-5-02 -- 11:00AM PST.

Quote Game results posted.

4-20-02 -- 3:00PM PST.

I'll be doing a quote game tomorrow (got too late to do it today) for "Entropy." Answers will be given Monday morning. There will be another quote game for "Villains" on May 4th. Please don't start any threads asking when the game will occur or anything else about it as they will be deleted immediately. It will happen when I'm awake enough to find the computer and post.

4-18-02 -- 10:30PM MST.

If you missed it on the board... READ the Weekly Post. DON'T IGNORE IT.

3-16-02 -- 1:30PM MST.

For any missing the drama surrounding the board, Voy has announced that they need us to start paying for the spoiler boards. $150 for the Buffy one and $50 for the other. Preliminary donation offers have produced more than enough money to take care of this, but I haven't made any final decisions on how we're going to work this out yet. Everyone will be kept posted. :)

I posted new spoilers yesterday and of course, it generated a lot of craziness. I responded to a lot of questions on my boards and even stepped over to Fan Forum for a brief spoiling. A collection of my responses can be found here. This will be linked from the Spoilage section of the site as well as here so regardless of where I post additional spoilers other than those posted to the site, people can have access to them and no one can claim ownership of them but me. :) Do know, I say a lot of things in my message board posts that go into more details than I post on the site. I do this to answer questions about what I have, but the material on the site has my 100% full backing. Details I post on the boards are subject to change because they can often be small details that are changed during filming. I also put my own opinions into my posts on message boards (yes, even I have a right to do that occasionally) so what I say on the boards may just be a matter of interpretation. See for yourself.

3-3-02 -- 9:15PM MST.

I know... I keep making promises I can't keep. I have one week until Spring Break and a billion projects and assignments to finish before then. I am about 20 people into an update for the regular's list, but I've managed to lose just about every important list of "People who *haven't* been added yet" and so it's gotten difficult. But, instead of blame it all on excuses... I'll just say that I'm *still* working on the update and I will do my best to have a complete one done soon. If nothing else, I'll just do an update with what I have now and see who wasn't added later. Again, sorry for so many delays with this. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything! :)

2-19-02 -- 7:15PM MST.

I'm behind, again. Two major tests this week and I really just haven't been able to put the necessary attention into the Weekly Post or a regular update. I promise, it is in the's just going take a little more time. As soon as I get the regular list ready for an update, I'll update it.

Bazoar Update No major offenders today. A couple of usual annoyances, but nothing worth making a deal over.

2-18-02 -- 11:00AM MST.

If you missed the Weekly Post for February 5, 2002, you can find the "Notes" portion here.

I've updated Lingo with new lingo and abreviations. I've added a new section, Overused Topics / Frequently Asked Questions to deal with the flood of repetitive posts on the board. PLEASE check this area before posting questions/topics if you're not sure if they've been asked/discussed before.

I will try to update this page at least once daily. Even if it's just to say nothing is going on. When we have a bazoar problem or the server is troublesome, there will be a "Server Update" or "Bazoar Update" portion of my entry that should let you know what's going on. In most cases, I will name names as to who is a bazoar so that people can find out who to ignore!

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