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Updated: 9/13/05.

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Content Rules

The Buffy Cross & Stake Message boards are clean boards. I go to many extents to keep them that way. The main guideline is that all material must be appropriate for "Buffy" TV. If you won't see it on Buffy, you won't see it on my boards. However, if a topic is covered on Buffy even if it is considered not appropriate for all ages it can be discussed as long as it's not taken too far.

Read the clearer Bashing/Flaming/Behavior Guidelines.

- APPROPRIATE CONTENT - The shows are over, so there are no longer any restrictions confining discussion to Buffy or Angel. It's encouraged, but by no means required. Discuss whatever you want as long as you remember this is a peaceful board and still no bashing or flaming allowed. Respect the shows, respect your fellow fans, and respect the board. And for the sake of peace, please keep language and topics Buffy appropriate. During the season, topics should remain Buffy or Angel related. If a word or subject cannot be said/addressed on Buffy, it can't be said/addressed on the board.

- BE A FAN! - This board is for FANS. If you're not a fan of the show, go AWAY! This is not a place to vent your anger about the show. Within reason and on occasion (not constantly), regulars are allowed to vent, but it bugs me as much from a regular as it does from a new poster, so all posters are warned to tread lightly. Be negative at the risk of your posts.

- CHATTING, ARTWORK & FICTION - There is a chat room for you to go and chat in, but the board is open for chatting as well. Just be considerate of your fellow posters and the impact your chatting has on the board. Artwork is welcome, just keep your art confined to one thread a day so you don't flood the board. Fiction is also welcome, but please check with AnGeL X before you start posting.

- NO SPOILERS IN SUBJECTS! - DO NOT post spoilers in the title of your post. Yes, the shows are over and spoilers no longer apply to Buffy or Angel, but for other new shows that are discussed, please respect other posters and do not post spoilers in the subject lines. It's too hard to tell who's spoiled and who isn't for all the shows on TV that could be discussed on the board. So, just be kind, spoil inside your message.

- HTML USE - No abusing the privilege of HTML use. HTML should not be overly used in the body of the post. (ie. fonts that are size 6+). Also DO NOT type in all caps. It's rude and completely unnecessary. Your post will be seen regardless.

- NO FLAMES! - There is such a thing as constructive criticism and expressing your opinion without being rude. If you can't do this, then don't post on the board. I will not stand for fighting or flaming of any kind on the board. I expect all posters to get along, or keep their distance. Flaming another regular poster will get severe action and could quickly get you kicked off the board. Act mature or go somewhere else. Flaming Defined.

- NO BASHING! - I do not tolerate bashing of characters, episodes, cast, crew, and especially fellow posters. If you can't express your negative opinion about one of the above in a constructive, yet mature way, then just don't. Don't say you "hate" something about the show, and be respectful of the opinions of other posters. No negative talk of other spoiler sites, boards or spoiler sources. Bashing Defined.

- DEAD TOPICS - These topics should not be discussed AT ALL: The actor's personal lives are NOT for discussion. Unless one of the actors have made information about their personal life public, or appeared at a public event, no pictures, no articles, no nothing unless the star is the one openly offering the information to the public. DO NOT reveal the names of or addresses to sites or people where illegal material (scripts, transcripts, sounds, video files, tapes, etc.) can be acquired. Post an e-mail address if you're requesting it, or offering it for others to contact you at and check the board to see if someone has already asked before you. No discussion dedicated to an interviews with actors/writers/etc. that offer insulting remarks to the fans. They don't deserve attention for that. No discussion of any character's sexuality. Read More.

- SHIPPER POSTS - People who love and strongly support certain relationships on the show are known as "shippers." We occasionally have a thread called "The Shipper News" and this is the ONLY thread where the "I love this ship!" and "These are some cool things about my favorite ship(s)!" and "Who else supports this ship?" kind of posts are to be posted. Ship-related new threads must be about a DISCUSSION of that ship or else they will be deleted. If you don't have an actual discussion to start about a ship, post your comments in reply to the Shipper News.

- REPLIES ARE NOT EVIL! You do not need to start a new post every time you want to say something. If you have something to add to a topic that is already being discussed on the first page of the board, then simply reply to it. Do not start a new thread just so your post will get noticed. It will get deleted.

- NO MULTIPLE NAMES! Please choose any ONE name that isn't already taken and stick with it. There are too many boards and too many posters that I need to be able to keep track of. I need to know who is posting what. You will get ONE warning about using multiple names before you are kicked off the board. I don't have tolerance for people trying to pretend multiple posters. Posting with a name is not difficult, and if you find it to be so, then no one is forcing you to post.

- BAZOARS (trouble-makers) - This is what we refer to the problem posters as: bazoars. Little monsters that try to terrorize the board. We have a strict policy about them here: DON'T FEED THEM! Do not reply to them. Do not address them. Do not give them any sort of attention. You feed them with your replies, you let them know that you notice them, you egg them on, you create more of a problem and you become a problem. If you see a clearly bad post, do any or all of the following: e-mail AnGeL X immediately; contact any other known board cleaner by e-mail or IM if you have it; reply to the post ONLY to point out it needs to be deleted--this can be accomplished with a simple, "Delete above." It is strongly encouraged that you report a problem as soon as you see it. Side note: You are responsible for your status on the board. Keep your troublemaking siblings away from the board.

If you follow these rules and don't cause any trouble, you'll fit right in. My only intention is to keep a fun and enjoyable environment on the boards while trying to make everyone happy. If you have a complaint about how the board is run, please take it up with me.

Please direct all questions or problems on the board to AnGeL X. Newbies are always welcome! ( :

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If you've been posting by the rules for a while, and still aren't on the list, e-mail me and let me know. If you don't contact me about being added, there is no guarantee.
Please read How to Become a Regular before e-mailing me about it.

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