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So you know what's going's a little guide to the lingo used on the board. Some of it is general Internet lingo, but it's used on the board, so this will help you understand! : )

Board Lingo

The Bad List: This is the Board Momma's list of the posters who have caused so much trouble that they're banned from the board permanently, no matter what they post. The names on the list (if any) are not revealed, unless it becomes an issue for other posters to ignore the problem poster.
Bah: An expression of disgust. (See also: Gah)
Bezoars: Like the creatures from "Bad Eggs," we refer to bad posters, or people who just can't post by the rules as "Bezoars." They're generally ignored and--if their posts are offensive in anyway--deleted but sometimes people don't follow that.
Block: A term that is supposed to refer to hiding posts from general view on the boards, but has been gutterized into a sexual reference. (Started by Anthony and Max--big surprise)
Dogpile: Our very special way of welcoming new posters to the board. A dogpile is basically a pile of people on top of people. So, we welcome people by virtually jumping on top of new posters and forming a human mountain. It's amusing to watch and dangerous to participate in, but if you can survive it, you can survive the board. (Started by Xander'sWoman--if I'm not mistaken)
Gah: An expression of disgust. (See also: Bah)
Gremlin: Gremlins are the "creatures" that mess with the board. Occasionally posts will end up in the wrong places, or duplicate, or a reply will mysteriously appear as a new post. Because we can't find a solution to this problem (it's because the board is so popular, it's overloading) we blame it on the gremlins.
Jedi: Several of the board members are referred to as "Jedi." They're our official Gremlin Slayers.
kittypile: The same thing as a dogpile, but a kitty version. (Appropriately started by Kitty)
Larry: You'll see the name mentioned on the board and in our fics. Larry was the first who is and always will be on the "Bad List." His posts will always be deleted, and everyone is asked to ignore him. (This may seem harsh, but he's had way more than his fair share of chances with posting, and hasn't lasted more than a day without posting inappropriate material.)
L-O-freakin-L: When LOL just isn't enough. (Started by Xander'sWoman)
Missing Question 8: In polls or any questionnaire, the number 8 question traditionally disappears. (Started by Da Wondersheep)
Mitsy Bugg: The making of typos more than once. (Started by Mitsy and Mina/Elizabetha)
Riffle: When "sniffle" isn't enough. Can be used as "riff, riff," or "riffle." (In honor of Riff Regan--the original Willow)
Root: Something people do for the "home team" and what others do to unsuspecting hamsters. (Started by Grant, but made famous by Heather, Berry and wwolfe.) ****: No, that's not a bad word. On TBC&S Boards, a lot of the regulars mark their sarcastic comments with "*". Sarcasm is not always received well over the Internet because you can't tell a person's tone of voice. The *'s help explain that you're just being sarcastic.
Schnarfff: The sound made when you laugh while drinking something, and you inhale your drink. (Started by Xander'sWoman)
Smap: Something between a "smack" and a "bap." (Started by Digitalis)
Tennis: A secret code for sexual talk on the board. Over the summer it gets by without being deleted, but once the season starts, it's going to be toned down significantly. (Started by G-Man & Mina/Elizabetha)
*Thud*: One word to express so much. A response typically used to show extreme appreciation of something to the point of actually fainting or passing out. Usually in response to attractive pictures of the cast members or artwork containing such pictures.
Wildfeed: For any out of the spoiler loop, the wildfeed is an early showing of the new episodes via satellite. A select few fans get to watch the episode early Monday morning before it airs anywhere else and many provide a summary. Usually, the summary is simply referred to as the wildfeed summary, but occasionally, the summary is just given the name: "wildfeed." Either way, it's incredibly spoilerish as it gives away the entire episode and is not for the unspoiled or those who don't want to know *everything.*
Woot: Similar to "Woo Hoo." An expression of excitement.
Yee-hah/Woo-Hoo: When gleefulness just isn't enough. (Started by Bagel)
Yee and may I add Hah: A slight alteration of an expression traditionally used to express glee, the alteration of which is intended to express, via sarcasm, a reaction of distaste or disappointment. (Started by wwolfe)

Internet Lingo / Buffy Abbreviations

LOL: Laughing out Loud (Also works for 'Lots of Laughs')
ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off. (aka LMAO: Laughing My A$$ Off)
IMO: In My Opinion.
JMHO: Just My Humble Opinion.
OT: Off Topic. Any post that has nothing to do with "spoilers" or "Buffy" is OT. I ask that these posts be kept down to a minimum. Unless it's necessary, please post OT stuff on another board.
BSD: Big Scooby Death.
BB: Big Bad. A major villain on the show, be it current or not.
ME: Mutant Enemy. ME is Joss Whedon's production company. Think the "Grrr Argh" demon from the ending credits.
UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension.
PTB: Powers that Be. A reference both to the actual plot element on Angel, but also a reference to the crew of the show, who control what we watch and obsess over.
N/T: No Text. Appears at the end of some messages like: (N/T), which simply means there is no message to read inside the post. No reason to click on it.

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