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The Rules & Regular List were last updated: 6/3/05.

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Content Rules

- NO INNAPROPRIATE LANGUAGE OR TOPICS! - If it can be said or done on Angel, it can be said/done on the board within the limits that it can be said/done on the show.

- "ON TOPIC" DISCUSSION - The show may be over, but the boards are not. In the interest of continuing discussion, "On Topic" discussions will be defined as any project related to the (former) cast and crew of Angel. Feel free to discuss any of your favorite shows, just label your posts appropriately so other posters know what they may be reading. Topics can range from Angel to X-Men to Gilmore Girls to Alias. An effort will be made to continue Angel discussion as much as possible, though. :)

- THINK ONLY FOR YOURSELF - Do not tell fellow posters how to THINK and don't assume you already know how they do. You don't control anyone but yourself and do not have the right to tell anyone "Get over it," or "It's never going to happen, accept it," or "All of these shippers know that will never happen," etc. Generalizing the board posters is a BAD idea. Not everyone thinks the same. Everyone is free to have their own opinion on issues whether you agree with them or not. Accept it. Generalizing comments or unwanted opinions on behalf of other fans may be deleted depending on severity. Please just don't post any and there won't have to be any problem.

- NO BASHING or FLAMES! If you don't like a particular writer, actor, character, pairing, or episode, that is up to you...but rudeness will NOT be tolerated. There is such a thing as constructive criticism and expressing your opinion without being rude. I don't care how avid a fan you are of a particular character or couple, if you're going to bash people for their difference of opinion, then get lost. Stating that you don't like a character, or find a character boring is not bashing. But comments like "This character sucks!" are childish and considered bashing. Name-calling is childish and rude. Don't use "hate" in connection with Buffy or Angel, use nicer wording. Constant negativity will get you constantly deleted. Rudeness towards fellow posters will likely get you kicked off the board without a second chance. I don't expect you to like everyone, but I expect you to be nice and respectful to each other or stay away from each other. For specific guidelines to follow: Bashing Guidelines.

- NO "VS" POSTS - No Angel vs. Riley, no Spike vs. Angel, no Buffy vs. Cordy, no relationship vs. relationship. No comparisons between any aspects of the show that negatively put down one of the two.

- RELATIONSHIP DISCUSSIONS - "Pro" relationship posts are always welcome. If you like a couple, great! If you don't, and can't express that opinion maturely and respectfully, don't even bother. There is no tolerance for 'shipper wars and any posts that start them will be deleted without a second thought. Post in favor of your favorite couples all you want, but leave the other couples that you don't agree with OUT OF IT. You do not need to bash one couple in order to speak in favor of one you like. NO "Which 'ship is better?" and "My favorite 'ship is better than yours" posts allowed. If a thread is directly addressed to a particular ship you don't favor, stay the hell away from it! A post titled, "For B/A Fans" does not mean "For Non-B/A Fans Who Don't Like the Ship!" For specific guidelines to follow: Relationship Post Guidelines.

- NO SPOILERS IN THE SUBJECTS! - The board is for discussion of just about any TV show on air now, so please leave spoilers for any show you chose to discuss out of the subject line. At least until an episode has aired in the US, please leave major revelations from any show you chose to discuss on the board out of your subject lines. Respect that not everyone wants to know before they see it.

- HTML USE - No abusing the privilege of HTML use. NO crazy text or fonts bigger than size 6.

- DEAD TOPICS - Dead Topics should not be discussed AT ALL: Any of the stars' personal lives are NOT for us to discuss. No pictures unless the actor went to a public event, no personal information unless directly from the actor. Anything that doesn't come from the source directly, no discussion. DO NOT reveal the addresses to sites or people where material (scripts, transcripts, sides, sounds, video files, etc.) are located and do not post any such material directly to the board!!! Detailed summaries (including set direction, quotes, direct quoting of any kind, or scene play-by-play from the original material) are no better than the actual material and will be deleted. Post an e-mail address if you're requesting it, or offering it for others to contact you at. You will get the sites and my boards shut down if you can't keep things QUIET! Politics and Religion, not directly related to the show are NOT for discussion. Political or religious discussions directly related to the show are subject to potential removal and should be approved by AnGeL X first. :)

- RESPECT SPOILER SOURCES! - Spoiler sources are to be respected. Unless a proven foiler--a person with intent to spread false information--spoiler sources are not to be attacked or disected or insulted for their spoilers. If they're right, they're right. If they're wrong, they're wrong. If you bring true spoilers to the board, be sure you DON'T REPOST SPOILER INFORMATION WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE! If you bring that info and attack other sources, their credibility or even so much as claim that their info was wrong just to earn some credibility yourself, don't waste your typing time. If you have to put down other sources, you'll get deleted.

- REPLIES ARE NOT EVIL! - If you can reply to an already existent post with your post instead of making a new thread for it, PLEASE DO. Just check the board before posting new theads to make sure a post isn't already posted on that topic and if it is, reply to that existing thread instead of starting a new one. Excessive or completely unnecessary repetitive topics will be deleted, so check the board! :)

- PICK A NAME AND STICK WITH IT! - Please choose any ONE name that isn't already taken and stick with it. You will get ONE warning about posting with multiple names before you are kicked off the board. I don't have tolerance for people trying to pretend multiple posters. Posting with one name is not difficult, and if you find it to be so, then no one is forcing you to post.

Updated 6/3/05! - ARTWORK & FICTION - Post artwork all you want, just don't flood the board and keep it to one thread per poster. You must have EXPRESSED permission from AnGeL X to post fiction, otherwise it will be removed. If you have more than one graphic or story to post in a day, then please post them all together in the new thread, OR, post the additional stories/images as replies to your original thread. This board is not a fiction posting board and is not to be used as your personal fiction sounding board, it's a discussion board. Don't abuse it, even if you have permission to post your story.

Updated 6/3/05! - BUFFY TALK...? - Discuss it all you want, just label your posts appropriately so non-Buffy fans don't have to read if they don't want to. Or take it to the Buffy Spoiler Board or the General Spoilage Board (For OT material).

If you follow these rules and don't cause any trouble, you'll fit right in. My only intention is to keep a fun and enjoyable environment on the boards while trying to make everyone happy. If you have a complaint about how the board is run, please take it up with me.

Please direct all questions, problems, complaints, or concerns about the board or board rules to AnGeL X. Newbies are always welcome! ( :

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Not on the list? The only way to be added is to kindly e-mail AnGeL X and request your addition or the addition of someone else deserving. Otherwise, you'll never be added.

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